Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Back to work! Weeks 1 and 2

I am back at work!  On a very gentle phased return to start off with - I can't believe how wonderful everyone at work has been, and how much they are supporting me.  I feel very lucky, as I'm sure not all bosses or employers are like that.  I am finding starting back quite tiring, but I have been told that this is entirely normal after doing bugger all for so long.

I'm also on Week 2 of cardiac rehab - twice a week I'm in the hospital gym for an hour and then have a talk to go to about lifestyle/heart related issues.  So far so good and I'm responding well to the exercise.  There is a real mix of people there - from people who have had heart attacks, bypass surgery, valve replacements, to those with problems brought on by muscle spasms, and genetically high cholesterol.  It is interesting talking to people who have been through similar things, and I think somehow therapeutic, and I realise that I am one of the lucky ones - some of the people there are still quite unwell, whereas I'm pretty much fine.  My heart function and exercise tolerance is normal for my age after the heart attack so my treatment now is more about lifestyle management and learning to cope properly with stress.

I think I can do more exercise wise than I did before, I'm now jogging for a minute - and I don't think I could do that before!  Sounds pathetic but I have to build up slowly, but I couldn't run/jog at all before I was ill.  Maybe I'll be taking up running.... my karate is under threat as I'm not allowed to do any of the contact because of the meds I'm on.  I'm on blood thinners so bleed/bruise easily and therefore it is best for me to avoid things that cause me to bruise/bleed where I can!

My boss summed up my situation beautifully when we met for our return to work chat - it is clear that I have a lot of stress and a lot of demands on my time, and in the past I've just muddled through and the things that I have sacrificed have all been things for me - so I didn't go out, I snatched meals/snacks through the day as and when I can, I didn't make time to exercise. So basically I tried to take care of everything/everyone else whilst not taking care of me - and that had detrimental effects on my health.  But... as she says, the things I do to take care of myself are the foundation on which the rest of the stuff is built - i.e. they enable me to take care of everyone/everything.  I totally get that but I think some of the changes I need to make will be hard at first, mainly on other people as they will need to support me.  She is much wiser than I think she knows.... and lovely with it.

Ah well... so tomorrow I am working from home writing reports - should be a nice chilled day.  Perhaps also catch a few Pokemon!  Oh yes, I am thoroughly addicted to that game, but it does make going for walks a lot more interesting - I find just walking for the hell of it quite boring, so having something to do is good. Today I caught my first wild Pikachu - very cute...

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