Friday, 19 August 2016


Today has been a good day - I've been to my cardiologist appointment and I'm happy to say that he has discharged me.  My heart function and exercise capacity are normal for a person of my age, and although there is a small narrowing of arteries at the very bottom of the left side of my heart they don't really put me at risk, and should be stable on medication.  No need for any further treatment and the prognosis is good as long as I keep taking the tablets, and making the lifestyle changes needed for good cardiovascular health.   I am very relieved, and hopefully this will give me the confidence to start feeling more like a normal person as I'm not technically a cardiology patient any more.

 I've still got 5 more sessions of rehab left - good news today on that front too as they are not running the rehab sessions in the bank holiday week which also happens to be the week when I'm on holiday so I will be able to have all 10 sessions, as I can do the two sessions when I get back.  It will be lovely to finish at the same time as those that started with me - although I doubt I'll see many of them again, the camaraderie at the sessions has been lovely.  I will be sad when it finishes as I've enjoyed it.  There are lots of reluctant people doing the rehab, but I'm definitely not one of them, and I can now jog for a full minute, which I couldn't do before I had the heart attack!

The challenge for me will be to have the determination to make the lifestyle changes needed.  There will be increasing demands on my time, as things get back to normal and it is my job to ensure that I don't get into that mess again!  Regular exercise and spa sessions I think will be part of it, and I will be hopefully getting some free slimming world sessions and 3 months gym membership as part of a scheme running at the local leisure centre.

S and the boys are very pleased - I think this is quite a milestone for them, although the boys just think it means we can go abroad on holiday rather than being limited to the UK due to travel insurance issues!  Time to get looking at holidays and see where we might like to go!

Well, I think I will enjoy a glass of fizz tonight.... Cheers!

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