Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Plantar Fasciitis

So my lovely podiatrist confirmed that the reason I have pain in my heel is most likely due to plantar fasciitis, basically inflammation of the ligament that runs across the base of the foot.  I have had it before, really badly and this is mild in comparison, and thankfully I've caught it early.  So I am now sporting some attractive bright blue strapping on my left foot (I chose the blue strapping as it is M's favourite colour), as well as having beautifully soft looked-after feet!  

I also now have tidy eyebrows... not particularly bushy as is the fashion at the moment, and certainly not drawn on!  OMG I have such a problem with drawn on eyebrows - some seem to be drawing on really dark thick lines where their eyebrows should be and it is really distracting!  I find I talk to the brows and not the person which is really rude but I can't take my eyes off them. 

Tomorrow's activity is a trip to the Nuffield Hospital, to have my forgotten hand looked at.  I say forgotten because 3 weeks prior to the heart attack I had surgery to relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand.  I was supposed to go and get it checked about 5 weeks ago, and wasn't able to make it.   Hopefully all will be well with that, but frankly it has become the least of my worries hence the forgotten tag...   Actually the scar still hurts at times but I suspect that that is normal.

Just watching politics on TV - weird times with Labour imploding, and we have a new Tory PM as of tomorrow, which will be interesting.  A female PM - I just hope that she is more compassionate and less right wing than I get the impression she is.  She certainly seems formidable - I wouldn't want to cross her and get the Theresa May Death Stare.  I wonder how things will turn out.  Will we indeed Brexit (hopefully not), will the Labour party split in two?  Will UKIP disappear now that Farage is stepping down (hopefully), and what is going to happen to our economy?  The NHS clearly needs more resources, as does the education system, but I doubt we will get that with this Tory government. 
Hey ho...

In terms of my heart - all seems quiet today and I have felt ok - still no word about the cardiac rehab, and I am going to phone up tomorrow and find out where I stand as far as starting the rehab course is concerned.  I need to have some idea so that I can plan work around it as I'll be starting back in a few weeks time - hopefully on a phased return so that I'm not back in full pelt.  I hope in the next few weeks that I can look at ways to change my working practices so that I am not rushed all the time and don't leave everything until the last minute.  Lots to do and still lots to think about - the time seems to have passed so quickly and I still have lots of plans to make and things to work out.    Perhaps more to talk about in the coming days and weeks.  

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