Saturday, 18 June 2016

Cars, cats, tonsils and T@ats

Hey diddley dee it's the easy life for me..... Yeah right!

Cat update - Elsa is making good progress and we visited her at the vets yesterday for some much needed cuddles. She looks a bit of a mess with a feeding tube up her nose, a cannula in her right paw and a pretty dishevelled looking face. S says she looks a hundred times better than the day before. The vet rang out his morning and she has had a good night. Hoping to go and see her at 3, but...

Of all the times to get it, I have a nasty case of tonsillitis, temperature of 38.4, big pussy tonsils and feel like crap. Why now? Aargh! I am writing this from my comfy bed whilst trying to shake it off. Hoping I don't need penicillin as a knackered immune system on top of all this would not be a good thing. 

The boys are at PQA which is a performing arts class that they do on a Saturday morning, both love performing andI I hope they will learn some really good confidence building skills there. Next May they get to do a show at a theatre in the West End which is very exciting. I am not a stage school mum and am not a fan of musicals particularly, but it is lovely to see how J  has blossomed since they started going. M is just starting out, but he just beams on a stage and you can see that he totally loves performing. Not in a precocious way, but you can see that he is in his element. I hope PQA get to see that too. I like PQA as the classes are not all geared towards putting on performances, they are geared towards building skills and confidence. 

And the car... The boys were late for PQA this morning because the car wouldn't start. Dead as a door ail. Cue quick call to the AA whilst thanking my lucky stars I took out home start as an extra. The battery had died, it wasn't flat, it was dead. Couldn't hold charge basically so incapable of starting the car. battery and £100 later we are back on the road (or should I say they are).

Finally for today I have a list for you. There seem to be rather a lot of t@ats out there who seem hell bent on spreading violence and hate, and I hope karma hits them where it hurts most. With bells on it.

1. . The lowlife scumbag  responsible for the mass shooting in Orlando
2.  The  lowlife that shot and killed Jo Cox MP, robbing her two kids of a mum and Britain of a fabulous spirited politician
3.  Croatian Russian English and any other  "supporters"blighting Euro 2016 with hooliganism. Deport the lot of them.
4. Terrorists and all who support the hatred they propagate.
5.  Nigel Farage
6 Donald Trump - America please see sense, the guy is a narcissistic power hungry lunatic.
7. Sir Philip Green and those of similar ilk who think it is OK to shaft everyone else for their own gain.

Ok thats enough from me, this is supposed to be a blog about recovering from a heart attack not an outpouring of political sentiment, but of course venting helps. Today I feel sick of being brave, sick of hearing terrible things on the news and sick of all the shite that seems to be splattering me at the moment. 

Oh one last thing actually, and something positive -Welcome Home from Space Tim Peake! Such an inspiration.

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