Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Now what.

Today is the first day that I'm feeling properly bored.  A good sign as it means I must be feeling better.  There is loads that I could be doing, but most of it I'm not allowed to do because it involves reaching for things, or lifting things I'm not allowed to lift etc.   The tonsillitis is now loads better, so I am almost feeling human again.

I may set myself a challenge this afternoon - I got a Lego Ghostbusters car for my birthday and as yet I haven't built it.  That might be my afternoon sorted.  I think S would be quite proud of me for that one.   And I need to get walking as I've not been anywhere yet today.  I am starting to enjoy lying in bed in the morning after the madness of the school run, which is a habit I really must get out of.  Last night I couldn't get to sleep before 1am because I wasn't tired.  I have to say this was some cause for celebration - a month or so ago the idea of me not being tired was a mere flight of fancy.  Something is heading in the right direction.  I think I was quite unwell before the heart attack given the energy levels I'm now feeling.  Yes I'm not doing that much, but I don't feel completely sluggish and wiped out like I did pretty much all the time before.

We might get our Elsa cat back from the vets later today if she manages to eat.  She is making fab progress.  It is interesting how intuitive cats are about illness and things - Ossie (Elsa's sister) has been so close to me since I've been off post heart attack.  If I'm lying in bed then she is either on the bed with me, or lying on the floor nearby.  Most unlike her to be honest - she's usually more M's cat, and only comes to me for food.  But cats just seem to know.  She is clearly missing Elsa, although I wonder if they will be greeting each other with a purr or a hiss when Elsa gets home.  Sometimes when cats have been at the vets for a while, when they come home they don't recognise the other cat at first, so you have to introduce them back to each other carefully.  

This is  Ossie in her favourite basket, which she is hardly using at the moment, because she is choosing to sleep with me.  

Heart wise - things seem ok.  I've had no twinges or anything.  My only slight concern is my blood pressure and how low it is going which potentially is a good concern.  I have a home bp monitor and I took my bp at 94/64 yesterday at rest and 114/70 a bit later after I'd been up and doing something.  They are supposed to be increasing the dose of my bp lowering drugs, so I'm a little worried.  I felt a bit faint yesterday which is why I took my bp, and I don't think it needs lowering any more!  I'm seeing the doc on Friday so lets see what they say.  Wondering if I'm reading too much into things, but it is in my nature to be analytical.

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