Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Out and about and giddy as a kipper!

So today's excitement was:  I WENT OUT OF THE HOUSE TO A TOWN AND HAD A WALK AROUND!!! 

OK... so I'm a bit giddy about this new found freedom, which while fairly short, was an exciting development!  

It really isn't that exciting, but when you've been largely cooped up in the house for 6 weeks (the few weeks prior to the heart attack I was recovering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery), believe me it  definitely classes as exciting!

So what did I do?  I took M to the dentist - he's been complaining of a sore mouth for a few days - it hadn't gone away and the inside of his mouth looked quite red, so I got a friend to take us.  The traffic in Selby was good so we were 1/2 hour early so had a bit of time to wander before the appointment.  So bought a new supply of gossip magazines to read (a guilty pleasure of mine), some Rennies so that I had something if I had indigestion again, and a kit kat.  M's dentist says he has a gum infection where he had a filling recently, so he has a course of antibiotics to take.  I feel a bit guilty that I made him wait to go, but I thought it might have been something from eating and would heal up on its own.  

So some positives from today:
1) I went out and escaped the village!
2) I spent time with 2 lovely friends from the village
3) Elsa the cat is coming home tonight
4) I've not had a nanna nap at all today and feel fine.

Tomorrow is (cardiac) rehab day - Amy Winehouse came on the radio earlier and it felt like my song!!  Although I must emphasise that unlike poor Amy, I won't be saying no, no, no.  I am looking forward to learning more about managing this condition and finding my new normal.   If they can teach me how to manage the stress in my life, even better!

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