Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Indigestion or Heart Trouble

Ohhh tonight has been tough.

I have spent several hours stressing over some twinges that started earlier in the low chest/upper abdomen area.  It felt like heartburn, I had some acid reflux, but what if I was wrong. Had lots of internal debates trying to sort my head out over this one. Should I try out the GTN spray in case I am wrong?  I can't take any of the indigestion remedies in the house because of the cocktail of meds I am already on, and I have no simple Rennies or gaviscon in the house. Aaarghh.

After enduring that, kids playing up and in-laws visiting, including crazy mother in law who thought the belt on her coat was alive (I kid you not, this is what dementia can do), I think I am about done for. S came up with the genius idea of getting me to drink a glass of milk - I hate drinking milk but it was definitely worth the try.  So with that helping to settle things down, my BP readings being good (117/66 get me!) and nice slow pulse, I am finally feeling a bit more chilled.  Sitting in bed helps too, kids are asleep now, S is watching TV downstairs so peace and quiet for me.

Oh and thank you Marks and Spencers Salmon sliders for the indigestion. Not eating those again...

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