Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Work Wobbles...

So last night I had my first work wobble - I'm surprised it has taken so long to be honest!  I really enjoy my job, and I had some really exciting stuff on the go before I was taken ill.  I know I am not indispensable, but also worried that people may not know exactly where I was with things before I went off.  Anyway,  after getting in a tizz about a couple of things I had started making arrangements for, I sent a couple of emails, and managed to put my mind at rest - and was kind of pleased with myself for addressing what was worrying me so quickly and directly.  I do miss work, especially my colleagues, but I also know that I'm not ready to get back just yet.   

Yesterday also saw England leave Euro 2016, after an embarrassing beating by the mighty Iceland.  Cringe! As instructed, I went upstairs and didn't watch it and thank goodness I did that as I don't think my blood pressure or stress levels would have stayed low...  I got a commentary from downstairs anyway, and then went down for the last 5 minutes and the disbelief that followed the final whistle.  Iceland!!!!  S and the boys have now switched allegiance to Wales, but I don't have the luxury of being part Welsh!

A bit of good news today was that I got my appointment for the Echocardiogram and Exercise test, and they are on 15th July, so not as long to wait as I'd feared.  I am really glad that it isn't too far off as I'm nervous about exercising, so I'm finding it hard to push myself with the walking etc.  It is nice to see that things are moving in the right direction though, so having that appointment is good.  I also rang our insurers and can drive from Sunday, which will be a big step forward.  

Slightly less good has been starting the increased dose of Ramipril.  I'm back to feeling waffy (not sure if that is a word but it expresses what it feels like!) about an hour after I've taken it, and back to having an upset tum.  On the plus side, I think I may be back to having a poor appetite again, lets hope I lose a bit more weight.  My BP is already low with all the meds I'm on, and a couple of times today I've felt a bit wobbly when I've got up - I'm not sure how low they want my bp, but I was 109/63 earlier according to my home monitor.   

I'm exploring how I can get help with stress management - a friend of mine has recently embarked on a coaching qualification, and I'm interested to see if that might be a worthwhile approach to take with this.  I don't want pressure but I think I do need some sort of guidance and someone to help me set some goals and things to aim for.  I'm also going to see if Occupational Health at work have anything that might help.  Failing that I'll buy a book... 

In other news, yesterday I got my hair done - much needed cut and colour.  It was the first time I'd had it done at home, and actually I'm really pleased with it.  I haven't styled it myself yet, which will be the big test, but at least I look vaguely human now, my hair was starting to take over! 

First a before shot taken a week ago..

and here is a shot of the new hair...

It definitely feels a lot lighter - ready for summer now, although the great British weather is not playing.  

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