Thursday, 23 June 2016


So, after what seemed like a long wait the day of rehab finally arrived...  I had perhaps built this up in my mind as the day that the second stage of my recovery begins. I was also expecting to be told what to do a lot, and I kind of wanted that. Someone to say to me "ok Leesa,this is what you are going to be doing....on Monday etc etc." Instead I got lots of things to think about and choose between.

So, I have opted to do the cardiac rehab programme at York Hospital, which is 2 hours, twice a week, and includes an hour of exercise preceded or followed by an informative talk.  I need to pay attention to my diet, but she suggests it isn't my top priority, the main things are tolerating the meds, increasing activity and looking at how I manage stress. she is looking after quite a few youngish women who have had heart attacks brought on by stress, I am certainly not the only one.  I would like to meet others in a similar position or perhaps a bit further on in their recovery.

There is a 12 week exercise on prescription programme I can be referred to after that which combines going to the gym with Slimming World membership, it is at Selby Leisure Centre which may be tricky for me to manage with work, kids etc. I need to think about how I can make exercise part of my life and put together a suitable routine for the future.  Apparently occupational health at work should be able to support me with that.

So tons to read, tons to think about and plan, so that I can develop a healthier way of living where I don't stress so much and hopefully enjoy life a whole lot more.  But the plan and fully fledged programme I was expecting hasn't quite happened.

In other news, Elsa is home minus the cone of shame and the tube in her nose, boy is she one happy cat. Her sister still doesn't recognise her so she is in a right grump. You would never know Elsa had had an accident to look at her - I took the photo of her earlier. Oh and I voted to stay part of the EU.

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